The mission of Physicians of Oath

Providing medical aid to the less fortunate.

mock Healing in the most remote parts of the world

What we do

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 30% of the world’s population does not have access to essential medical care. Many men, women, and children living in developing countries lack access to many basic health care services, resulting in high rates of morbidity and mortality. Physicians of Oath (PO) works to provide free medical care and assistance to populations who have no means of receiving care. Our goal is to open up medical clinics in developing countries, provide medical advice and care, in rural areas where health services are otherwise unavailable. PO will not charge any fees for such services. If PO cannot provide a specific medical service, our organization will try to find the appropriate accommodations for the patients in critical need. We have an open door and walk in policy.

Western currency is more valuable in the developing world. $1 US is equal to 60 rupees in India, which can be a week’s salary for many people. We can provide people with amazing heath care and proper medication and improve their life by donating funds and time. Physicians of Oath provides what most medical organizations usually do not - Board certified American and Canadian Physicians and their expertise in geographical areas where basic medical care is unavailable. On top of providing emergency relief, our organization amalgamates with the local populations, treats illnesses through preventative measures (i.e. regular clinic and home visits), and introduces the concept of primary medical care to the less fortunate.

" Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. " - Hippocrates

Our doctors (many of them being board members) will travel to India and work at the free clinic for a set duration of time. Our doctors might travel alone or in groups, depending on their work schedules. Once there, we will collaborate with local doctors and nurses at the clinic, and share the newest and best medical information available. Member physicians will travel to rural places for a short duration through the year, work with the locals and manage the clinic, come back and report to the entire board, and plan ahead as needed.

Our Principle

Physicians of Oath’s actions are guided by Hippocrates, often referred to as the “Father of Medicine,” and his ideals of the selfless dedication to the preservation of human life.


  • Physicians of Oath is a private, international not for profit organization. The organization is made up mainly of physicians, residents, medical students, and health sector workers. Many of our members also come from other fields and help the organization achieve its goals and keep true to its core principles.
  • Physicians of Oath works through several conduits to provide assistance and medical care to the less fortunate civilians in developing areas around the world.
  • Physicians of Oath provides evidence-based medical advice, assistance and care to those who need it.
  • " Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity. " - Hippocrates

  • Physicians of Oath will respect the privacy of members and patients. It will tread with care in matters of life and death, and understands that responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness.
  • Physicians of Oath does not discriminate anyone based on gender, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or political affiliations.
  • Physicians of Oath follows the World Health Organization guidelines for health and hygiene.
  • Physicians of Oath follows the universal medial ethics and the rights to humanitarian assistance and claims full freedom to exercise its functions.
  • Physicians of Oath and its members will maintain their medical and professional code of conduct and ethics.
  • Physicians of Oath and its members will be sovereign from and maintain independence from any political or religious entities.
  • Physicians of Oath will strive to provide a safe working environment for its members and patients. As volunteers, members understand they themselves are responsible for the risks and dangers of the missions under Physicians of Oath.