Project Argora

Our first project is to build a free clinic in the rural village of Argora in India.

Argora is a project that is planned in India, close to the city of Ranchi, with a population of 850,000. There are many people in and around the village who require essential medical care but cannot afford it or don’t have access to it. Physicians of Oath will provide medical aid to the inhabitants of the village and fill the void of health care by setting up an easily accessible medical clinic which will be open to everyone who walks in.

On average, it will cost $1.20 to treat one patient in our clinic.

Good news! Physicians of Oath has already acquired the land required to build our free medical clinic! We plan to build a clinic in Argora, and initially hire local physicians and nurses to provide care. American and Canadian physicians will later guide, control, and manage the clinic, both virtually and physically.

Starting now, we are raising funds to build our free medical clinic. For that we need your encouragement and support. So join us, and help us in proving medical aid to the less fortunate.

For more information on how you can be part of our project, please visit our donate page.

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